Chai-Coconut Ice Pops – Meh, Okay


Chai-Coconut Ice Pops

rotating sar rotating sar  (2 out of 3) – Flavor is okay, wish it was sweeter.

Suggested Changes: Try decreasing the chai flavors a little, and play carefully with stevia levels.

Review: This was a weird one. I wanted to like it because of the popsicle factor, but the flavor wasn’t great. I like the chai spices, but I wish it was sweeter, and I just don’t really like the taste of Stevia so I wasn’t able to get it to a sweetness level I liked. Without the sweetness the chai flavoring is really strong which makes it taste like something other than a dessert, so it doesn’t really kick the dessert craving. Still it’s not too bad, and the popsicle texture is good, it’s got a graininess to it that I liked.

I was excited to make this because I’ve never made homemade popsicles before, so I first had to buy a popsicle mold set. I got this set from Amazon and they broke, so don’t get them. If you have any suggestions for a better set please share in the comments below!

Helpful Tip: Recipe says it makes 4 servings, but I was able to fill all 6 of my popsicle molds.

Coconut Pops

Just so you know…

I’m not trying to trick you with these links and reviews or am a paid person lying for some product or company. I am just a regular person who’s struggling with a chronic illness, so I thought I’d give this recipe book a try. I’m linking to things for your reference if you’d like to look into this stuff more, but I have no affiliation with any of these items and am not getting paid or have any special code embedded into the links that gives me a credit if you buy something or any of that sneaky stuff.

Just putting this stuff out there for me so I can remember it (cuz Lyme Disease has totally killed my short term memory), and for you in case it’s helpful too! 🙂

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  1. Ahh shoot. I was thinking about trying this. Thanks for review!!


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