Zucchini-Herb Frittata – Meh, Okay


Zucchini-Herb Frittata

rotating sar rotating sar  (2 out of 3) – Meh, needs something more.

Suggested Changes: Triple the herbs, garlic and onions so it’s more flavorful.

Review: Just like the other egg dish, the Herbed Avocado Omelet, I felt this recipe was super bland. I was excited to try it though because I’d never cooked with zucchini before. It was good – I like the thin slices of zucchini it asks for they cooked up with the onions and got soft really well, while remaining nice and moist. I would add a crap ton of extra spice portions on this next time to see if it fixes it. But, also like the Omelet recipe, even though it’s not as flavorful as I’d like I do feel good eating it. It feels like I’m giving my body the things it wants – organic, fresh and simple.

Helpful Tip: I sautéed the veggies in my non-stick pan like the recipe said, but then it said to put the pan into the broiler. I looked it up online first and saw that non-stick pans are NOT BROILER SAFE! So be careful with this one. I ended up transferring the contents of the pan into an oven safe glassware, then putting that under the broiler for a couple minutes. It turned out okay.

frittata ingredients

Man, why does cooking onions in oil always smell uh-maze-ing? 🙂

frittata cooking

frittata cooked

Just so you know…

I’m not trying to trick you with these links and reviews or am a paid person lying for some product or company. I am just a regular person who’s struggling with a chronic illness, so I thought I’d give this recipe book a try. I’m linking to things for your reference if you’d like to look into this stuff more, but I have no affiliation with any of these items and am not getting paid or have any special code embedded into the links that gives me a credit if you buy something or any of that sneaky stuff.

Just putting this stuff out there for me so I can remember it (cuz Lyme Disease has totally killed my short term memory), and for you in case it’s helpful too! 🙂

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